Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two in One, with a little update: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

I'm a little backed up on my themed looks. Not sure how, really, as I've been posting a ton lately. But nevertheless, I've got two that haven't been posted and I'm just going to bunch them together in this post. They're both Neverending Story - themed. The first is called The Neverending Story... go figure! I tried to capture the book's description of the book with this EOTD. Confusing? yes. It's supposed to be shimmery coppery silk, and the ink is in two colors: green and purple. I don't think I did too bad capturing it, but see for yourself!
I used:
1. Sun Silk - Dash*
2. Avian Shapeshifter - Fyrinnae
3. Avian Shapeshifter - Fyrinnae*
4. Immortality - Fyrinnae
5. Avian Shapeshifter - Fyrinnae
6. a. Celery Shimmer - Dash
6. b. Red Plum - Dash
7. S.S. Anne - Shiro
* - With a thin sweep of Faceted - Pure Luxe over the top for added shimmer

And the second look is called "All Those B's"
In this case, all those B's isn't referring to Bastian Balthazar Bux, but to Broken Glass, Brine, and Beetle. This is pretty much an all-Detrivore look, with a little Fyrinnae.
1. Broken Glass - Detrivore
2. Beetle - Detrivore
3. Brine - Detrivore
4. N/A
5. Beetle - Detrivore
6. NYC Black Eye Pencil (smudged)
7. Titania - Fyrinnae

As for the update, I heard about the 5 for 5 trial vial deal at Scaredy Cat Cosmetics and leapt at it. If you haven't seen their colors go check them out. They're gorgeous!

Really excited about those, and the packaging is ace. I love the cosmetic round so-and-so-gram jars, but Scaredy Cat packages their products in lovely decorated full sizes and the 1/4 tsp trial vials are little corked bottles!

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