Saturday, January 8, 2011


This is gonna be my updates post I think. I'm currently waiting on 3 cosmetics orders. Fyrinnae's TAT was 16-20 days last time I checked, and I didn't order too long ago... but I just got an email that it shipped!!! Yay! That's 19 shadows winging their lovely way toward me ^.^ and I'm super excited to try out the lip lustres.
I only ordered from Hi Fi a few days ago and I'm not sure what the TAT is for that, but I think the Fyrinnae order will keep me more than occupied til it arrives. I'm mainly excited about the uber-glitter factor of these shadows.
Aaaand then there's Archetype. Sigh. Today was another of those days where I gleefully sprinted to the mailbox, only to find a bunch of catalogs and a severe deficit of bubble mailers. I said in a previous post that I'd leave it a couple days before attempting to contact Holly again in the hope that the "Not Available" status of my supposedly shipped package was simply due to the holidays.
But it's been a couple days. So I called. To my surprise, Holly actually answered the phone. The whole conversation experience was bittersweet. She was super-friendly, but she said that my package could be in the batch whose shipping tags had been prepared... but were still un-shipped. So they've been un-shipped for ten days now. She said she'd call me back after she checked, but I'm not so sure if I should expect a response soon. I guess we'll see. Those are my updates so far. They seem to have started out all peppy and gone downhill a bit. Sorry about that!
Two more things before I go... One, I've got a Pure Luxe review on the way, and I know this is a small blog with no real pressure to get things posted but I have to apologize. I thought that I'd posted a review for Evil Shades a while back, but when I went to check there was nothing. So I'll post that soon, but I'm sorry it wasn't already there, since I've had those shadows/lippies for a while.
And two, Fyrinnae's website now says "Fyrinnae is closed until further notice" up at the top of the home page. Anyone know what's up with that? I haven't heard anything. Thanks all!

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