Friday, January 7, 2011

Face Candy Couture with Swatches!

I told you I'd do some swatching, but as I said, I'm super lazy sometimes. So I'm starting small!

I recieved this 5-sample package a few months ago and the samples inside were adorably tiny. I loved the little baggies, but I put them in the box with my other samples and didn't look at them again until two days ago... And I am so glad I pulled them out again! You can never really be sure if a shadow will look the same on skin as it does in the bag/jar. I just assumed these were pretty-but-not-super-amazing colors and left it at that. I was so wrong. They're lovely! See for yourself :) 
Packaging (placed next to a penny so you can see how cute and tiny the bags are):

These were all swatched over Pixie Epoxy.
Indoor Lighting:

Natural lighting:
Flash: (click on this one for a better look at the lovely sparklies in Chill!)

And now a closer look at each shade:
#6 Clarissa:

#125 Pretty (my favorite of the five):

#105 Cinnamon:

#68 Damask Grey:

#120 Chill (WAY more complex than it looks in the bag):

That's all, now go out into the world and purchase. Thanks for reading!

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