Monday, January 10, 2011

Evil Shades Review & Swatches

I'm sorry this has taken me so super long to post. I'm not really sure why it wasn't up already. But I've tried to be meticulous and swatch everything. So here's my belated Evil Shades review.
I have to give Evil Shades a lot of credit, because these were the products that turned me on to the world of independent makeup. I can't measure the amount of money I've saved or the fun I've had playing with new pigments.
I've only placed one order so far, which consisted of 3 blushes (in China Doll, Ravishing, and Pin Up), 4 glosses (Deadly, No Angel, Loxensis, and Lethal Kiss), 4 lipsticks (Primrose Path, Ardour, Fiendish, and Corruption) , and 5 eyeshadows in Seraphic, Zombie, Nymphette, Double Barrel, and Devil's Bonfire. All of these were samples except for the Deadly gloss. The sample baggies are a bit difficult to work with, but I'm just a big fan of jars. The glosses apply easily with a brush, as do the lipsticks (which are super creamy by the way) and the colors are intense. The lovely owner of Evil Shades included a full size lipstick in Cursed Beauty (which hadn't been released at the time!) free with my order. It came in a black chapstick tube with the Evil Shades logo, and applies super smoothly. These were all super gorgeous, so here are the pictures. Enjoy and then go buy!
Blushes L to R: China Doll, Ravishing, Pin Up. Of the three, I absolutely adored Pin Up and MUST order a full size soon.
Here they are in natural light, and then again with flash to show the beautiful sparklies.

Out of the eyeshadows, my favorite is probably Devil's Bonfire. It makes a great wet liner. They all have pretty awesome sparkle. Shadows L to R are Double Barrel, Nymphette, Zombie, Seraphic, Devil's Bonfire. As usual, swatched over Pixie Epoxy.

The lip glosses were a little on the slippery side, but very pigmented. I found them to smell a little coconutty. I was a bit sad to see that Deadly was much more of a berry color than the deep red  pictured on the website. L to R: Deadly, No Angel, Loxensis, Lethal Kiss. I think my favorite is Loxensis.
All of the lipsticks were super pigmented and scented like candy. I found Corruption to be a little harder to apply than the others... I guess it's thicker? Out of all of them, I think Ardour was my favorite, closely followed by Fiendish. I can't really wear either of them successfully, but the colors are super vibrant. L to R: Cursed Beauty, Primrose Path, Ardour, Fiendish, Corruption.
So that's my review. Lovely products for great prices, go forth and purchase!

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