Friday, January 21, 2011

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Followup Pictures

I said I'd post pictures of the eyeshadows I recieved today, so here they are. They're so tiny and cute! And the colors are so pretty!

Here's a size reference :)
Here are the swatches in artificial indoor light: Top Row L to R Nevermore, Smooze
Bottom Row: Peacock Blood, Caldonia, Keltoi

Here's with flash:

See how pretty! Also, for those of you who are wondering what that other swatch is at the top right, I was being clumsy and dropped my Dash Minerals container of Celery Shimmer in the sink, and most of the shadow went down the drain.I was really sad because I loved the color, but Keltoi is really similar, so the random swatch is the remainder of my Celery Shimmer for comparison :)


  1. oh my goodness the packaging of these are so cute. I think I might go look up Scaredy Cat Cosmetics and maybe place an order.. I really like Peacock Blood. thanks for the swatches :)

  2. Definitely do! The full-sized jars are even cuter :)