Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello! and new things

Hello all, I am back from an extended absence! Not to worry, I'm alive and well. SO much has been going on, but I promise new looks and reviews soon and I have to say I'm absolutely drooling over the new Shiro Intertubes collection, so I'll be swatching those as soon as I can lay my hands on them.
Hope everyone had a lovely summer. Mine was fabulous and filled with new discoveries... I've been looking into the ingredients behind skincare products recently. You know, things like Prunus amygdalus dulics and Linum usitatissimum and actually looking at their properties and purposes instead of just going 'Eh, whassat?' and putting the product back down.
So I recently purchased several different oils to experiment with, and I'm so happy that I did!
I made a face mask last week with green tea, flax and hemp oils, sweet almond oil, and finely ground turbinado sugar for exfoliating purposes. I leave it on for maybe ten minutes before I wash my face in the mornings (though I haven't repeated the process daily... don't want to get too oily) and then put a moisturizer on after, and I'm good to go. I have persnickety combination skin that doesn't react too well to changes in my skin regime, so I'm beyond thrilled to see that my skin is loving this new approach.
I don't think my face has been this soft in years and I've gotten several compliments already on how nice and even my skin looks.
I'll keep you posted on these experiments with natural organic ingredients and in the meantime thank you to all my readers who stayed subscribed while I was away!


  1. Aw welcome back! I'm glad you've been well and I can't wait to see your new looks/reviews to come (:

    Interesting combination (re: face mask) - what was the mask like? Firm or sort of sliding off your face (because it is oily)? I've been hesitant about face masks since you never know which will make you react so it's good that you're trying and you've found one that works!

  2. Thanks so much, Suki! The mask was kind of grainy because of the turbinado and yeah, it was a little runny. I was skeptical about using masks as well, but I read that the combination of lime juice and peanut oil help reduce blackheads, so I figured organic oils couldn't be that bad for pores. :)