Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fortune Cookie Soap! Yum! Plus Updates About Archetype

So I heard back from Holly of Archetype Cosmetics today. My cosmetics are supposed to ship soon. And guess what! I also got a refund to my PayPal for the amount I'd spent on her eyeshadows. Soooooo that made me happy and left me with some money.. with which to buy other shiny things! I was browsing through xSparkage's blog (because she happens to by a top go-to guru for me!) and I saw her Fortune Cookie Soap review, which is here: xSparkage and her baby cousin is in it, which makes it adorable as well as informative!

Also, fellow blogger Kassandra from Pretty Addictions blogged about them. Her link is here: Pretty Addictions
So after seeing that, I went to visit the actual website: Fortune Cookie Soap and got completely sucked it. it even made me hungry. So I ordered four fortune cookie soaps with my refunded money, which I'm quite pleased with. I can't wait to try them out! I also bought two for my parents in... ahem... more sophisticated scents than Blue Cotton Candy haha. Because I totally bought that one for myself. Also, my cousin is getting married soon and I'm definitely gonna order her the Takes The Cake scent, and maybe Honeymoon in Paradise as well!
Have you tried Fortune Cookie Soap? What did you think?
Also, on the ideas portion of the website, the top voted idea is scented body sprays! Personally, I may die of happiness if they go through with it, so visit the website and go vote for it! :)

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