Monday, January 31, 2011

The Tiny Post

What I actually got by way of post today wasn't tiny at all. But my camera has gone awol! So this post is a tiny one, telling you all to go check out Moonrise Studio on Etsy RIGHT NOW: Moonrise Studio because I got my order of samples in the mail today and I'll be damned if there's a single one I don't wanna buy a full size of. The colors are SO unique, and the quality... well, I found myself comparing them to the Arcane Magic collection by Fyrinnae, if that tells you anything. They're amazing! Filled with shimmer, glitter, delicious drool-worthy color! Plus customer service is fantastic, and Kim is so nice :) I will definitely be purchasing from her again, very soon!
AND my Fortune Cookie Soaps all arrived today, and I bathed with the Caramel Apple. I feel squeaky clean and moisturized, plus my bathroom now smells like those caramel-apple lollipops people always seem to be handing out on Halloween. Love!
I'm done raving now. I'll have the real picture/reviews up tomorrow.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Because, yes, I AM that much of a geek!

This post is to introduce the first in yet another series of themed EOTDs... and these are ones that will either seem fun or just sad because they're all WoW-themed! Haha.
So this is one that's a Cataclysm look, that actually kind of reminds me of some of the new drakes I've seen flying around. It's called Undersea Volcanic Rift, because I'm weird when it comes to titles. So I used these colors, and here's the key to deciphering what I mean by 1, 2, 3 etcetera: Numbering System
1. Nevermore - Scaredy Cat Cosmetics
2. Dragon's Wing - Fyrinnae (well blended)
3. Mystic - Fyrinnae
4. Pumpkinfire - Fyrinnae
5. Madame & Eve's - Fyrinnae
6. a. Greenman's Forest - Fyrinnae
6. b. Velvet Vampire - Fyrinnae
7. Likelike - Shiro

I wish that I was able to capture more of the warm tones in this look, but my camera made it all very cool-toned. The Pumpkinfire DID actually take on a kind of eggplant-y shade, but it still had the glorious orange shimmer which really didn't want to be found in the pictures I took :(

Sorry about the wayward strand of hair in that last picture! As always, click to enlarge these.
And also, for anyone out there who wonders what my solution is when I'm in a makeup rut, here it is below!
And there you go... fairly simple. The steps are as follows: Swatch. Pretty. Colors.
I usually find several combos I want to use every time I do this, but I figured I'd take a picture for the hell of it! Anyone else have different solutions, or do you just never get into a makeup-artists-block or whatever it's called? Drop me a comment! Thanks for reading and have a relaxing weekend.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Moonrise Studio Cosmetics

I was browsing Etsy for exciting new makeup and I ran across this selection of truly gorgeous loose eyeshadows from Moonrise Studio. There was a 10-sample deal for 4 dollars and another of 7 samples for $3, so I got both because I couldn't narrow down my options, all the colors were so lovely! From what I've read, shipping is supposed to be pretty fast so I'm expecting to hear back probably by next week. I can't wait!
And in the meantime, for those of you who hadn't already heard of this company (because I sure hadn't, and I wish I'd known sooner!) here's the link to the Etsy page: Moonrise Studio
If you get the chance to check it out or if you've tried these shadows before, put a comment below telling me about it! I wanna know what colors you liked most because in the future (with a few more followers obviously) I'm seriously considering putting together a giveaway with these shades :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fortune Cookie Soap! Yum! Plus Updates About Archetype

So I heard back from Holly of Archetype Cosmetics today. My cosmetics are supposed to ship soon. And guess what! I also got a refund to my PayPal for the amount I'd spent on her eyeshadows. Soooooo that made me happy and left me with some money.. with which to buy other shiny things! I was browsing through xSparkage's blog (because she happens to by a top go-to guru for me!) and I saw her Fortune Cookie Soap review, which is here: xSparkage and her baby cousin is in it, which makes it adorable as well as informative!

Also, fellow blogger Kassandra from Pretty Addictions blogged about them. Her link is here: Pretty Addictions
So after seeing that, I went to visit the actual website: Fortune Cookie Soap and got completely sucked it. it even made me hungry. So I ordered four fortune cookie soaps with my refunded money, which I'm quite pleased with. I can't wait to try them out! I also bought two for my parents in... ahem... more sophisticated scents than Blue Cotton Candy haha. Because I totally bought that one for myself. Also, my cousin is getting married soon and I'm definitely gonna order her the Takes The Cake scent, and maybe Honeymoon in Paradise as well!
Have you tried Fortune Cookie Soap? What did you think?
Also, on the ideas portion of the website, the top voted idea is scented body sprays! Personally, I may die of happiness if they go through with it, so visit the website and go vote for it! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Madness? This. Is. XSPARKAGE!

Haha okay that was lame.
I woke up this morning wanting a nice, nude cate eye look. What I ended up with was cat for sure, but not so much on the subtle side. I'm not gonna do a what I used 1-2-3-etc for this look because I used my 88 palette and didn't take note of which colors I picked out. The liner I used for the spots was a very messy Wet'n'Wild, so I'm happy that any of them came out right... but it was intensely waterproof, so for all I know I will either be doused in makeup remover and facewashing tonight or I'll have spots for the next few days. Uh oh.
Anyway, this look is based on XSparkage's Dionysus look, which you can find here: XSparkage
Her's, obviously, is a ton prettier than mine, but hey it gives me something to work towards. On to the pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Followup Pictures

I said I'd post pictures of the eyeshadows I recieved today, so here they are. They're so tiny and cute! And the colors are so pretty!

Here's a size reference :)
Here are the swatches in artificial indoor light: Top Row L to R Nevermore, Smooze
Bottom Row: Peacock Blood, Caldonia, Keltoi

Here's with flash:

See how pretty! Also, for those of you who are wondering what that other swatch is at the top right, I was being clumsy and dropped my Dash Minerals container of Celery Shimmer in the sink, and most of the shadow went down the drain.I was really sad because I loved the color, but Keltoi is really similar, so the random swatch is the remainder of my Celery Shimmer for comparison :)

Scaredy Cat!

Hey guys! My Scaredy Cat Cosmetics order arrived in my mailbox today and I greeted it with a little happy dance, sliced it open and pulled out its contents. Morbid description much? Haha.
They were shipped in a box, instead of a bubble mailer, which was interesting, and it was filled with those protective wiggly-paper-strips you sometimes find in Easter baskets and some tissue paper. The little trial vials were all packed in separate baggies with the name of each color. I got Nevermore, Peacock Blood, Smooze, Caldonia, and Keltoi. I'll be putting up swatches and pictures of the packaging soon, but right now I'm gonna go try them out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Water Trilogy: Farworlder EOTD (A bit pic-heavy!)

This is the second Water Trilogy look I've posted so far and I'm really happy with how it turned out, hence the many many pictures! It's called Farworlder which, in the books, is an alien species kind of like super-genius octopi... octopuses? octopoda? Well it's one of those. They're mostly described as being purple or reddish, so here's the look!
I used:
1. Oasis - Pure Luxe
2. Mystic - Fyrinnae
3. Conjuror - Fyrinnae (I LOVE this color)
4. N/A
5. Molten - Pure Luxe
6. Oasis - Pure Luxe
7. Likelike - Shiro

I tried one picture without flash but since I actually did this look at night there was no sunlight to photograph this in and the picture turned out all yellowy in the artificial light, which I thought looked pretty yuck with the colors I used. See?

So the rest of these are taken with flash, which made the aqua sparkles super-prominent but I liked the smokiness of this look... I wish the pictures showed it better. It symbolizes my makeup application evolution: I can now properly blend and all that jazz!
Here are the rest of the pictures. As always, click for the full size. Ignore the stupid bug bite near my eyebrow, I don't know how it happened since bugs should all be dead or in hiding this cold time of year!

Here's that super-sparkle coming out of hiding.

I'd love to know what you think, drop me a comment! Have an awesome Thursday!

Phyrra's Venomous Cosmetics Giveaway!

Wow, another giveaway! Excitement!! Here's the link to the lovely Phyrra's giveaway on her blog:
 Venomous Cosmetics
And check out the pics of her poodle while you're there, they're super cute! Good luck in the giveaway, all!

Also, I'm gonna post the link for the site I found this giveaway at first because I HAVE to thank her for clueing me in! Thanks Samantha!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Water Trilogy Theme?

I may be getting a little carried away with all these themes. But I'm having lots of fun! Hope anyone reading this is enjoying it too. It's giving me tons of inspiration for new looks. :)
Here's the latest thing I've come up with while browsing my heavily laden bookshelves. The Water Trilogy is written by Kara Dalkey and I picked them up about a decade ago (in an airport nonetheless!) and fell in love. If you haven't already guessed I'm a huge sucker for fantasy. Stating the obvious though so I'll move on. This EOTD was inspired by the first book, titled Ascension, and the look itself I named Purple-blue Sixty-five. I got several compliments on this one. Here's what I used:
1. Mirage - Pure Luxe
2. Wicked - Fyrinnae
3. Faerie Glamour - Fyrinnae
4. N/A
5. Wicked - Fyrinnae
6. Faerie Glamour - Fyrinnae
7. Golden Fair matte base - Everyday Minerals

Tell me what you think! Comments/questions, and I should have some more stuff up for review as soon as my Scaredy Cat and Hi Fi orders arrive :) Wishing you all fast shipping times and lots of sparkle!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Makeup Zombie Giveaway!

This is just a verrrry short post to let any of you who haven't already heard know, there's a Makeup Zombie giveaway going on now through February 1! Check it out here:
Makeup Zombie
Such pretty colors!
(And here's the link to the Morgana Cryptoria website for extra measure. Morgana Cryptoria)

Two in One, with a little update: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

I'm a little backed up on my themed looks. Not sure how, really, as I've been posting a ton lately. But nevertheless, I've got two that haven't been posted and I'm just going to bunch them together in this post. They're both Neverending Story - themed. The first is called The Neverending Story... go figure! I tried to capture the book's description of the book with this EOTD. Confusing? yes. It's supposed to be shimmery coppery silk, and the ink is in two colors: green and purple. I don't think I did too bad capturing it, but see for yourself!
I used:
1. Sun Silk - Dash*
2. Avian Shapeshifter - Fyrinnae
3. Avian Shapeshifter - Fyrinnae*
4. Immortality - Fyrinnae
5. Avian Shapeshifter - Fyrinnae
6. a. Celery Shimmer - Dash
6. b. Red Plum - Dash
7. S.S. Anne - Shiro
* - With a thin sweep of Faceted - Pure Luxe over the top for added shimmer

And the second look is called "All Those B's"
In this case, all those B's isn't referring to Bastian Balthazar Bux, but to Broken Glass, Brine, and Beetle. This is pretty much an all-Detrivore look, with a little Fyrinnae.
1. Broken Glass - Detrivore
2. Beetle - Detrivore
3. Brine - Detrivore
4. N/A
5. Beetle - Detrivore
6. NYC Black Eye Pencil (smudged)
7. Titania - Fyrinnae

As for the update, I heard about the 5 for 5 trial vial deal at Scaredy Cat Cosmetics and leapt at it. If you haven't seen their colors go check them out. They're gorgeous!

Really excited about those, and the packaging is ace. I love the cosmetic round so-and-so-gram jars, but Scaredy Cat packages their products in lovely decorated full sizes and the 1/4 tsp trial vials are little corked bottles!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do What You Wish EOTD

This is the first of a (probably very extensive) new line of theme EOTDs. I happen to be very excited about these because they're all based around The Neverending Story (the book, not the movie). I've got a lot of ideas and I recommend the book because it's awesome. But get the hardback version with the colored ink. That's the best way to go.
Anyway, this is look is inspired by Bastian and The Childlike Empress' first meeting; "The beginning is always dark"
I'll give you a heads up here. If you haven't read the book, there will probably be a lot of EOTDs that just don't make as much sense. Some are more or less explained by the movie, if you've seen that. But either way, pretty makeup colors right? Enjoy!
Here's what I used (check my New Year's post for the explanation behind this weird numbering system I've worked out):
1. Broken Glass - Detrivore
2. Immortality - Fyrinnae
3. Dinosaur Plushie - Fyrinnae
4. N/A
5. Immortality - Fyrinnae
6. NYC Black Eye Pencil
7. Golden Fair matte base - Everyday Minerals

And here's where I tried and mostly failed to capture the immenseness of sparkle. As always, click on the pictures for more detail!

And some sparklier shots with flash!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tarnished Rose EOTD

This isn't a themed look, just me playing around with my new Fyrinnae shadows. I thought it turned out pretty well. Everything I used is Fyrinnae unless otherwise stated.
1. Leopard-Print Galaxy
2. Velvet Vampire
3. Greenman's Forest
4. N/A
5. Velvet Vampire
6. Immortality
7. Golden Fair Matte Base - Everyday Minerals

And here's one last picture to show Immortality a bit better.
So, what do you think?