Sunday, January 23, 2011

Madness? This. Is. XSPARKAGE!

Haha okay that was lame.
I woke up this morning wanting a nice, nude cate eye look. What I ended up with was cat for sure, but not so much on the subtle side. I'm not gonna do a what I used 1-2-3-etc for this look because I used my 88 palette and didn't take note of which colors I picked out. The liner I used for the spots was a very messy Wet'n'Wild, so I'm happy that any of them came out right... but it was intensely waterproof, so for all I know I will either be doused in makeup remover and facewashing tonight or I'll have spots for the next few days. Uh oh.
Anyway, this look is based on XSparkage's Dionysus look, which you can find here: XSparkage
Her's, obviously, is a ton prettier than mine, but hey it gives me something to work towards. On to the pictures. Enjoy!