Thursday, September 30, 2010

EOTD: Rainbow Liner

I got to play with my new Fyrinnae and Detrivore products with this look! ^.^
Too Faced Poreless Primer
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque
Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Beige
Pixie Epoxy
Rimmel Color Quad: Black
Fyrinnae: Dinosaur Plushie
Top Lid Liner:
88 Palette: Yellow and Orange
Fyrinnae: Kamikaze, Dragon's Wing
Detrivore: Brine, Muse
Bottom Lid Liner: (Foiled) Dinosaur Plushie
Waterline: Logona Eyeliner: Black
Mascara: Sephora Lash Plumping Mascara

Without Flash:                                                          With Flash:
Looking Up:

Tell me what you think, or if you have any requests/suggestions for me to try out.

Fyrinnae Samples!

I'd like to say, before I begin, 1: that I am in loooove with these eyeshadows. The names are fun and quirky and the colors are gorgeous! And 2: because of the many many pictures, this will be a loooooong post.

I placed an order with Fyrinnae, browsed their website again, found more goodies that made me drool all over my keyboard, and bought those as well. I was refunded for the second package's shipping and the orders were combined. I got (these were all samples, by the way, as this was my first experience with Fyrinnae):
Finishing Powders/ Primers:
Pixie Epoxy
Glow Blush: Hypnotize, Enchant
Eyeshadow: Titania, The Fancy Lad, Chaotic Evil, Darling Misfit, Rapunzel Had Extensions, Kamikaze, Kimchi, Sake & Sashimi, Druid Werewolf, Damn Paladins, Dressed to Kill, Dragon's Wing, Dinosaur Plushie, The Randy Ferret
Free Sample: Sugar Skulls

I love the names! Eeeee!
This is the part that may be really exciting or may become super monotonous: I haven't done swatches yet, but I've gotten pictures of each color and yes, I will be putting them all up here (with the descriptions according to These go from top to bottom, top is the label, middle is the color without flash, and bottom is the color with flash... the few with a fourth shot are to show the glitter better. I'm making these pictures a bit larger than I normally would, so click on them to see the color better.

Glow Blush:
Enchant: (Soft peach with a touch of pink shimmer)

Hypnotize (Light dusty-peach shade with a soft glow)

Sugar Skulls: (Vibrant deep pink, leaning warm but not overly so, with a glimmering orange (not gold!) highlight that adds dimension)

Chaotic Evil: (Brilliant shimmering pink loaded with silvery sparkle)

The Fancy Lad: (Vivid warm pink with a green sparkle highlight)

Titania: (Shimmery, glowing light pink with a paler pink highlight and a hint of golden sparkle)

Rapunzel Had Extensions: (Stunning golden pink-peach)

Kimchi: (Rosy terracotta filled with gold sparkle)

Kamikaze: (Bright fire-engine red (leans warm), filled with red sparkle)

Darling Misfit: (Deep magenta-pink with a contrasting aqua highlight)

The Randy Ferret: (Deep smokey forest green with a touch of lighter green & teal shimmer, and subtle purple sparkles throughout)

Dragon's Wing: (Gorgeous shimmery green with a pale aqua highlight)

Dressed to Kill: (Glimmering, glowing deceptive gilded green "duocolor"with flashes of gold and green sparkle)

Sake & Sashimi: (Rich shimmering bronze brown with flashes of green sparkle)

Druid Werewolf: (Medium-light golden brown, multi-dimensional with varying shades of subtle shimmer)

Damn Paladins: (Soft, satiny taupe with a gentle light blue highlight)

Dinosaur Plushie: (True bright silver filled with multi-colored sparkle, some of which can change hue in different light)

That took a lot longer than I thought it would...
Well, that's all folks. Swatches will be up soon, as if this post needs any more pictures!