Friday, January 21, 2011

Scaredy Cat!

Hey guys! My Scaredy Cat Cosmetics order arrived in my mailbox today and I greeted it with a little happy dance, sliced it open and pulled out its contents. Morbid description much? Haha.
They were shipped in a box, instead of a bubble mailer, which was interesting, and it was filled with those protective wiggly-paper-strips you sometimes find in Easter baskets and some tissue paper. The little trial vials were all packed in separate baggies with the name of each color. I got Nevermore, Peacock Blood, Smooze, Caldonia, and Keltoi. I'll be putting up swatches and pictures of the packaging soon, but right now I'm gonna go try them out!


  1. Hey I got mine too! I'm putting my colors up also (after work!) These vials are way to cute!

  2. I know :) They don't fit with any of my other shadows when it comes to storage but I don't care because I'm so meserized by the packaging! Glad you got yours, can't wait to see swatches!