Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Second Pure Luxe Experiment

I didn't think I'd get around to this yet, but obviously ended up with enough time on my hands. I've come to the conclusion that, with this camera, it is nearly impossible to photograph these Kaleidoscope colors :(
Which is really a shame, cause they're so pretty! I got two pictures, but then gave up after about a million fails. Here they are, and here's what I used. All the colors are Pure Luxe except the eyeliner (#4)

1. Illusion
2. Titania
3. Faceted
4. Beetle - Detrivore
5. Visions
6 (a). Mirage
6 (b). Visions
7. Titania

And here's a pretty (blurry) picture of sunset through the trees.

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