Saturday, January 29, 2011

Because, yes, I AM that much of a geek!

This post is to introduce the first in yet another series of themed EOTDs... and these are ones that will either seem fun or just sad because they're all WoW-themed! Haha.
So this is one that's a Cataclysm look, that actually kind of reminds me of some of the new drakes I've seen flying around. It's called Undersea Volcanic Rift, because I'm weird when it comes to titles. So I used these colors, and here's the key to deciphering what I mean by 1, 2, 3 etcetera: Numbering System
1. Nevermore - Scaredy Cat Cosmetics
2. Dragon's Wing - Fyrinnae (well blended)
3. Mystic - Fyrinnae
4. Pumpkinfire - Fyrinnae
5. Madame & Eve's - Fyrinnae
6. a. Greenman's Forest - Fyrinnae
6. b. Velvet Vampire - Fyrinnae
7. Likelike - Shiro

I wish that I was able to capture more of the warm tones in this look, but my camera made it all very cool-toned. The Pumpkinfire DID actually take on a kind of eggplant-y shade, but it still had the glorious orange shimmer which really didn't want to be found in the pictures I took :(

Sorry about the wayward strand of hair in that last picture! As always, click to enlarge these.
And also, for anyone out there who wonders what my solution is when I'm in a makeup rut, here it is below!
And there you go... fairly simple. The steps are as follows: Swatch. Pretty. Colors.
I usually find several combos I want to use every time I do this, but I figured I'd take a picture for the hell of it! Anyone else have different solutions, or do you just never get into a makeup-artists-block or whatever it's called? Drop me a comment! Thanks for reading and have a relaxing weekend.

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