Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pure Luxe Haul with Swatches

I finally got around to swatching these. Sorry it took so long! I'm waiting on at least two orders to arrive (three if my Archetype Cosmetics order ever actually gets here) so I'm trying to get a move on with the swatchies so I can get the reviews up soon after the new stuff gets here. This is my Pure Luxe order. I only ordered samples, but I lovelovelove that they come in jars. I got the Kaleidoscope collection, one Heavy Metalz in Molten, Mardi Gras Flash Cube, and the glow in the dark shadow in Apparition.
I was happy with all of them except Apparition. It's gorgeous in the dark, but it has the consistency of something between flour and very fine sand and I couldn't get it to stick properly. When I tried to foil it, it simply fused itself to my brush and I had to clean it off. Maybe there's a trick to doing this, but I haven't figured it out yet. If anyone has tips on how to do this, please tell me!
On to the pictures!

Indoor lighting: L to R, Top row: Molten, Faceted, Prismatic, Oasis. Bottom Row: Visions, Mirage, Illusion, Luster. The almost invisible one on the far right is my fail attempt at getting Apparition to stick. These were all swatched over Pixie Epoxy.
Natural lighting:


Here's Apparition glowing:

Here are the pigments swatched wet. I was hoping it would make the color-shift more noticeable.
And last but not least, the lovely flash cube!

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