Thursday, January 6, 2011

Summer King EOTD and Updates

This is the requested Summer King EOTD based on Melissa Marr's novel, Wicked Lovely. (A little pic-heavy but click to zoom in on eyeshadowy goodness!) Here's what I used:
1. Triforce - Shiro
2. Molten - Pure Luxe
3. Cinnamon - Face Candy Couture
4. Beetle - Detrivore
5. Molten - Pure Luxe
6. S.S. Anne - Shiro
7. S.S. Anne - Shiro

So, on to updates! I'm getting a little antsy about the whole Archetype Cosmetics order. The shipping status hasn't changed since December 28th. There have been holidays since then, so the delay could simply be due to that, but after all the customer service horror stories I'm afraid it could be something more. Gonna wait a few more days before trying to contact Holly (again) but I'll keep you posted!
Fyrinnae's wait time is always a bit long, so I'm not expecting any news on that front yet. But I have a bit of a confession to make. I saw sparklies and wanted them. And then I resisted a little but caved anyway. So I placed my first order with Hi Fi Cosmetics today and I totally don't regret it. The pigments look gorgeous from the swatches I've seen, and the reviews are great. 
That's about all I have to update you with. I've got a ton of swatching to do, but I'm sleepy and lazy and procrastinating. I'll try to do some tomorrow? Nighty night for now!

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