Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Silly Ode to April - EOTD

The saying says "april showers" and where I live that is currently very true! But without the showers, no May flowers so I guess I'm paying it a tribute. Either way, I'm happier with this rain than the gross incessant ice and slush that came before!
But, this is me we're talking about. So am I really going to do some kind of rainy blue look, or grey like stormclouds to dedicate to this month? Of course not! That would be too sensible! Instead, I'd like to introduce my friend the snail, who devours my plants every year without fail as soon as they start to grow again. I don't actually have a huge problem with snails nomming on plants.... unless it's lettuce, because who wants to eat the leafy leftovers of someone else, really? Other than that, I don't really mind them. In fact, I think the little critters are kinda cute. I have a weakness for cute things. And unfortunately I find a lot of things to be cute... including little garden pests :) But sorry, I'll stop burbling and get straight to it!
Here's the look I've created!! Yes, it's a snail. So the paragraph above wasn't just me losing my mind. Or maybe it was, but there is method in my madness. That's right, I just quoted Hamlet, in a garbled sort of way. Oh dear -.-
I used the following:
Nijiro - Fyrinnae
Aztec Gold - Fyrinnae
Chrome - Fyrinnae
Atomic Afterglow - Fyrinnae
Chronos - Aromaleigh
Hollywood - Glamour Doll Eyes
And I'm a bit lazy right now, so I won't specify what I used on which part, but if you'd like to know then feel free to ask in the comments and I'll tell you :)
On to the (many) pictures! As always, click to zoooooom!

That's about it. Don't you love the glittery snail trail? Hehehe. Comment please :D and thanks for reading. Have a wondrous April!


  1. ha! Your snail is adorable! :D how unique~ and beautiful!

  2. Thank you! Your Onyxia-kitty is awesomely cute!

  3. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL awesome. I love it :D

  4. I never even think about doing silly looks like these, but since I'm just playing it's not like I'd be going anywhere! Or do you actually wear these looks? That'd take way more courage than I have.

  5. Thank you! :D I do sometimes muster the courage to leave the house with an inordinate amount of sparkle or bright colors but so far, no, I haven't worn something like this out. I may wear that NOM-face out for Halloween! I just love creating looks to see what I can come up with. It's a good way to keep from getting stuck in an inspirational rut and I'm no artist... so I like to think of it as a challenge :)

  6. I absolutely love this. It is so cute and creative! I actually posted a link to it on twitter because I think it's so cool :)

  7. The glittery trail basically makes my life. Ahaha. I just realized your eye color is like, whoaaahoo. I'm not the type of person who really notices eye color though! btw, I'm still waiting for Taurus Orion to come back into stock T.T Can I request that an upcoming EOTD uses that one? pretty please!!

  8. HAHAHHA you're hilarious! I think I can see why you liked my stick figure drawings...we're kindred spirits! Anyways, love the little snail scooting across your eyelid :) It's quite cute!

  9. Thank you both :D I'll post an EOTD with Taurus Orion soon!

  10. ♥love your blog♥

  11. Thank you Mary :) Your blog is so beautiful!!

  12. Where have you gone? I miss you!!! Come back to me!!!