Friday, September 17, 2010

C.O. Bigelow Winter Cordials Lip Gloss

I'm sorry this review is coming so late! But here goes:

I was so excited to recieve my first order - the Warm Spiced Cider flavor of the new (I think) Winter Cordials line from C.O. Bigelow. It wasn't on the B&BW website, so I bought it off Amazon.

The consistency is the same as all their other glosses. The taste reminded me of walking into Michael's or Hobby Lobby at Christmas, with the scent of Holiday candles wafting through the place. It tastes artificial to me, and not much like cider, but it's still fun and I don't regret buying it.
The line of C.O. Bigelow Winter Cordials isn't currently carried on the B&BW website -- it's now spring, so they won't be back for a while. When they were still in stock, however, they cost $7.50 per tube. They add up if you buy enough tubes, but a little goes a long way, both in terms of gloss coverage and flavor.

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