Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More to Come!

I'm sleepy but excited, so I'm just gonna write a tiny post now and elaborate on it tomorrow:
I recieved my orders from Fyrinnae and Detrivore, and the colors are all super beautiful! I bought a sample of a new one of Fyrinnae's called Dinosaur Plushie... I'll be swatching that soon. It's soooo sparkly and mesmerizing, all beautiful silver shimmer with multicolored sparks of glitter. I'm determined to wear it tomorrow. And if I have fallout, then I will dazzle like a discoball, which would be a much needed bit of excitement now that all the gross raining-all-the-time weather has descended. Plus, I just couldn't resist something named Dinosaur Plushie. I'll go into detail about all the colors tomorrow, but I had to say something about them now! The shades are beautiful and vibrant, and I will definitely be returning for more at both Detrivore and Fyrinnae in the future. Yay!

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