Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tutti Dolci lip gloss in Mango Sorbetto

I'd been eyeing the Tutti Dolci line from Bath and Body Works for a while, but finally broke down and bought one off Amazon (sadly, they're discontinued. They always discontinue wonderful stuff! Like those Zigi Soho black Jumper boots that I was planning to buy! The good stuff always disappears.. why?! Anyway...)
Here's a list of all the Tutti Dolci flavors that I know of:
Sugar Wafer
Mango Sorbetto
Pineapple Chiffon
Fantasia di Cioccolata
Tiramisu Veneziano
Lemon Meringue
Creme Bruleé
Angel Food Cake
Cinnamon Frosting
Apple Torta
I chose the Mango Sorbetto for two reasons: one, it was about $2 cheaper than all the others (call me petty, but I'm on a budget, as I constantly need to remind myself) although the shipping still made the gloss a fairly expensive purchase. The second reason was simply because I don't have another mango-flavored gloss. (But I've still got my heart - and lips - set on the C.O. Bigelow mentha lippy in Mangosteen)
I'd read a lot of reviews claiming this was the sweetest lip gloss around and that it was well worth the price ($10 in B&BW before they stopped selling it) and in my quest for the yummiest glosses, I couldn't pass it up.
Pricing: I like my money's worth of product, and I see this as something that would be awesome as a $5 lip gloss, but I think 10 is a bit much. I can understand the more expensive pricing for lip glosses that have special ingredients to plump or rejuvenate, or even for ones that are super-exceptionally tasty, but this didn't cut it for me. On the other hand, this is a .5 oz tube, and it will last me quite a while, so that's a plus.
Lip-care Factor: This gloss was fairly moisturizing... I use it frequently without a lip balm underneath and it lasts a fairly long time. I can sit through 90-minute classes without reapplying. I don't think this significantly softened my lips in the long run, but it never claimed to.
Applicator: The Tutti Dolci tubes have a rounded plastic applicator at the tip with a hole in the middle, similar to the applicator of a Carmex tube.
Thickness: This is a fairly thick gloss, though not too sticky. For the staying power, I'd say it's decent.
Tint: Each gloss has a different tint. According to the reviews I've read (as many as I could find) these tints are fairly sheer. This is a plus if you're worried about a gloss clashing with your complexion. Most of these glosses have a very light tint anyway. The Mango Sorbetto has a fun pinky-orange color.
Scent: I know people say scent and flavor go hand in hand, but I'm picky about my gloss and when I browse reviews online I like a thorough runthrough of both scent and taste. I want my gloss to smell yummy - lips are right below the nose, something that doesn't smell good won't be enjoyable, but I find it disappointing when the taste of a gloss doesn't live up to its smell. The scent of the Mango Sorbetto gloss is nice and tropical, if somewhat artificial. To me, it smells more like a mango slushie drink than anything else. It's a yummy smell though, as long as you're not on the hunt for an all-organic balm or gloss.
Taste: At first I thought the taste of this was fairly disappointing, but I'd just brushed my teeth and my tongue was all numb from mouthwash, so that could have been why. I'm used to the kind of tangy slap-you-in-the-face deliciousness of C.O. Bigelow flavors (yeah, I'm aware, after that analogy, that face-slapping is not exactly delicious) and this Tutti Dolci gloss has a milder almost more dispersed sweetness that I think hits the taste buds further back on the tongue, as opposed to the tip-of-the-tongue kind of sweetness of C.O. B. Now how's that for detailed reviewing? I think the Mangosteen stuff from C.O. B is probably yummier, but this sorbetto stuff isn't bad. I guess I was just expecting more from a brand called Tutti Dolci - I mean, with a name that means "everything sweet" I was hoping for unparalleled scrumptiousness. But maybe the other flavors are sweeter?
But now you see why I like my scent and taste sections of review to be separate - something can smell mouthwatering and won't necessarily have the sugary goodness to back it up!
Packaging: I'm including this part of the review because I've realized I'm kind of like a magpie when it comes to lippie tubes. I like the bright colors and shiny things. The Tutti Dolci tubes are clear plastic with a white doily pattern wrapping around it. In the middle of the doily it has silver writing saying TUTTI DOLCI, and then the flavor in nice loopy writing. I think it's a fairly cute package, and I think there is definitely an advantage to clear tubes - I like to know how much gloss I have left, and when I need to restock.

So, I'd give this three and a half stars probably. Hell, make it four stars. That way I'm deducting a star for the lack of super-sweetness I was expecting. It's a yummy gloss with an okay amount of sugariness and I like the little bit of color. It's got tiny sparklies in it that you can't feel, and they're fairly subtle. To be fair, if I hadn't been introduced to the wonderful world of C.O. Bigelow, the Tutti Dolci glosses would be a lot higher on my list. I told myself I wouldn't buy any more from this brand, but I went and ordered the Apple Torta today. The color in the tube kind of reminded me of Dorothy's ruby slippers, and I have a weakness for red and apples, so a red apple lip gloss was just too good to go without! I'll give a review of that when it gets here. I am currently waiting on six different glosses to arrive. I'm so excited!

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