Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Smashbox... O-Gloss!

I've been dying to try this out, so after a long internal debate I splurged and went on a mini spree at Sephora. This gloss was on sale at the time... I think the original price is $22.
The O-Gloss comes in a cute pink tube with a slant tip applicator and is self titled "Intuitive Lip Gloss". The gloss itself is clear in the tube and reacts when it comes into contact with skin. This reaction is caused by a goji berry-C complex, designed to find your perfect individual gloss shade.

My shade is apparently a candy pink. It's a bit brighter than something I would've chosen for myself, but it isn't too vivid and it doesn't clash with my makeup.
The thing that I find fascinating about this gloss is that even after the glossiness wears off, it leaves behind the tint like a lipstain. This can go two ways. The stain left behind is buildable, but I find that going past two applications makes the color too bright for my complexion. I hope this isn't a common problem because this product is, by my standards, priced pretty steep. Here's a swatch of the gloss, and then the tint left behind when I wiped the product off later (again, sorry about the lighting in that second picture!):

I find this to be fairly durable. I don't feel the need to apply often. It's a thick gloss, but guess what! It's a thick gloss that isn't sticky!
I'd recommend this if you're willing to throw a little money around playing with cosmetics. I'm not sure I'd buy it again, but I have no regrets about buying it once. A little bit goes a long way, and I plan to keep using this gloss for a long time yet. Four stars.

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