Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Detrivore Samples!

Okay, I got my Detrivore order in the mail on Monday. I've just been super busy. But I'm updating now! This was a very small last-minute order, but the shipping was great! They shipped out the day after I placed the order. This is what I got: Paradoxia, Brine, Ectoplasma, and Tommyknocker. Muse was a lovely free sample :)

I did a peacock kind of look with these two days ago and the colors are beautiful and very pigmented. I didn't have any fallout... used Pixie Epoxy, which I also got on Monday ^.^
Here are the individual pictures and their descriptions according to
 Tommyknocker: (Med green matte)
Ectoplasma: (Bright green color)
Brine: (Blue-green aqua color)
Paradoxia: (Deep blue color, filled with violet shimmer)
Muse: (Light purple color)
I'll get swatches up soon... I know I said I'd do that today, but, well... I got lazy. All very pretty colors though!

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