Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Poll

This is an attempt to catch those of you who sneak onto my page, read, and depart without commenting... and force you to speak! Or at least determine if anyone's reading this. I do apologize for the lack of exciting yummy reviews. But I'm working on it, people!
Anyway, to the actuall poll: Think of your favorite cosmetics. You're not limited to one or two products... just however many you're thinking of. And then think of them in little sample baggies. You know, the ones you could easily slip between the pages of a book. And then tell me this: What colors and products would you slip in between which pages of which books?
It can be anything, really. Beowulf, Harry Potter, Homer's Odyssey, The Jungle Book, Little Women, The Oxford English Dictionary, The Catcher in the Rye, Charlotte's Web, etcetera!
I'll give you a few examples of what I'd pick.
I've got this lovely greenish gold (From Claire's... part of a preeeeety bronzey palette.) that I would slip into a page in the last quarter of the book Prospero's Children. It reminds me of the description of the roof of the main temple in Atlantis. (This is an excellent book, by the way, and I recommend it to lovers of fantasy. It happens to be my favorite.)
There's a Sephora eyeshadow called Aspen Summit that would find a cozy home in between the pages of The Little White Horse with that strand of pearls.
And then a Wet'n'Wild trio of purples and greens that belongs in a back room of one of Seth's train cars from Wicked Lovely.
Or a dusky rose-gold shadow I mixed myself that I can just imagine nestled under a dog-eared page in Redwall. That's what I'm talking about. Maybe those are lame examples. I'm on a fantasy kick. But you get the idea. Now I wanna hear yours! I'm excited about this, so comment!

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