Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté in Frozen Cherry

This was part of my little spree at Sephora. I'm like a magpie with packaging, especially when it comes to lippies and ooh this is SHINY. The Gloss Volupté comes in a sleek, slender gold tube with a thin ring around the middle indicating the shade of the gloss. It seals with a nice, satisfying click! and I can't help but feel so damn chic pulling this out of my bag. Just look at it!

The product itself is a gorgeous red stick of glossy goodness with a mango scent. Personally I love the smell but it's fairly strong, so keep that in mind if you're planning to buy it.
I was kind of disappointed when I first applied it. The color is sheer, as I knew it would be, but the red was too blue-toned on my lips and didn't look so great. I can't wear cool tones easily, and this turned out less GORGEOUS RED than red with a cool magenta undertone. These swatches are with (left) and without (right) flash.

For the over all aspect of the gloss, I don't think the price was worth it. Even in a more agreeable shade, the texure still seems a bit off. It's glossy, but almost in a greasy way. There is absolutely nothing sticky or tacky about it.
I like a product to feel substantially moisturizing on my lips, but this felt drying instead. There was very little color payoff after the gloss wore off, and it only lasted about thirty minutes. Although there's a certain thrill about using a designer product, that's the only thing that bumps this up from 2.5 stars to 3.
I'll let you in on a little secret - if you're still hell bent on trying out this gloss, go to your nearest pharmacy or WalMart (wherever they carry Lip Smackers) and pick up the original Strawberry Skittles lip balm flavor. The balm is much sheerer than the Gloss Volupté but it'll give you an idea of the texture of the product and it costs a LOT less. Hope this review helped. Happy splurging!

I'm editing this post on 9/24/10 to tell you that I was wrong! Eeek! I'm bumping this to 4 stars because I'll admit I was looking for a vibrant red for Fall, and that's not what this is. But I think that this gloss is for Spring and Summer, really. That's making me go a little lighter on the judgement of the product (and a little heavier on the application in Autumn!)
I want to update this mainly because I realize that all summer I was lusting for something of this exact consistency. No one wants a heavy gloss on a hot summer day. The Gloss Volupté is light and, strangely, almost cooling on the lips. Not what I want for the cooler months though.
I figured I'd better change this review, however, because we've had a few hot days here and I realized I was using this gloss constantly. So time to eat my words. This is lovely for warm weather, and it still smells sooooooo good!

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