Friday, September 17, 2010

Revlon Super Lustrous® Lipgloss Haul

There was a clearance sale on Revlon lippies in a shop I frequent, so I figured I'd review these first. I grabbed 6 different shades, which I'll list in a moment. First though, these are all the same scent and consistency. They're a bit sticky. Not too bad in my opinion but I know how many people out there dislike a gloss that fuses with their hair every time the wind blows. If that's the case, these may not be for you.
I wasn't pleased with the scent of these glosses. They smell like any old makeup to me, with that kind of weird mineral-y scent. I'm not crazy about it. The colors are fun, though, and all very wearable.
I'll list them in order of the swatches, left to right and then top to bottom:

Sweetheart Pink, Pearl Plum, Raisin Glaze, Cherries in the Glow, Nude Lustre, and Toast to Shine.
The names are all relatively accurate except for Sweetheart Pink. Last time I checked, pink wasn't the same thing as orange. This particular gloss was a limited edition, and it may have been from a while ago. That's my theory behind the weird orangey color. If it's correct then heads up: it doesn't look like these glosses age well.
They all seem fairly wearable. Sweetheart Pink and Toast to Shine were a little bit harder to wear. Orange doesn't really match with my daily makeup look, and Toast to Shine was a little pale, but I'm thinking it could be really nice over a creamy lipstick. My favorites were Raisin Glaze, Cherries in the Glow and Nude Lustre.
Over all, I'd give these glosses 3 stars. The colors are pretty for the most part, and the lasting power is decent (several hours without food or drink) but the texture is a bit sticky and the flavor is a turn-off. If you have any questions about any of these glosses, I'd be happy to go into more detail. Just drop me a comment! Thanks all, hope you have a great day.

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