Thursday, September 23, 2010

Uh-Oh, Detrivore!

No more makeup! I swear! Well, at least until Christmas. No, really! But oooooh I've been eyeing Detrivore and the colors are soooooo preeeeeety. Are you rolling your eyes yet? You probably should be. But check out the site anyway: (Unless you're like me and have put yourself on a leash, tied that leash to a tree, and then made sure there were no tempting makeup brands mentioned within a 100-mile radius.) I'm like a crow with a sparkly! So keep me away from stores for the next three months!
But really, if you recieve a compliment on how pretty you look one day and you tell the sweet talker that those eyelashes you're batting at them are covered in Ectoplasma, at least it'll spark conversation! I'm over here giggling at the thought. Must get some sleep.
Buuuuut I'd just like to say I placed my order and got an email that it shipped the next day! And it was trackable before midnight. Very impressed. I was a little like ^o^! Yes, that's a happy face. Looks like I might be recieving this last purchase before any of my others arrive!
Anyone else tried Detrivore? What were your thoughts on the products? How was the shipping speed for you? Favorite colors?

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