Friday, September 17, 2010

Smashbox Tinted Treatment Lipstick SPF 15 in Solar

This was an impulse buy! I want to say that right off the bat because it's not at all the shade I'd normally wear. Solar is a hot pink, blue-toned lipstick similar to the colors I remember seeing on female news reporters in the early 90's. Here's a swatch:

This is a honey-infused lipstick with vitamins A, C, and E... along with SPF 15! It's very moisturizing and gives a lot of pigment. It has a subtle cosmetic-y scent, but I can definitely smell the honey in there as well.
I like the frosted white glassy tube this product comes in. It's cute, not very showy or bulky, and the color of the product stands out against the whiteness of the tube. (Sorry about the wacky coloring in the pictures. My camera really didn't like me today.)

This is something I'd gladly buy again (at a discount price) if it was in a less ostentatious shade, but I wear it around the house anyway because the feel of the product is great! I rate this 4 stars when in a more neutral color.

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