Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Story of Pixie Epoxy, and other news

Right, this is gonna be a fairly strange post because lately my fantasy fiction writing has started to spill into my reviews. Some of you may have noticed. I'm kind of having a blast with it. But anyway, earlier today I was thinking about the wonder that is Pixie Epoxy. Why? Well because I've gone weeks without it and it's like.. you know when they touch up the color in old movies? The Wizard of Oz, for example, and they peel back this dull looking clip of the movie to show the same clip in vibrant colors? Going without Pixie Epoxy, for me, is like that in reverse. It's still beautiful, but that mesmerizing sheen and complexity is just muted and seems to fade away. Like, you can't appreciate Glinda's soap bubble when it's all greyish.
Enough references, though.
I got my new lovely full sized Pixie Epoxy tube in the mail today (along with some sample sizes which will all be swatched and posted some time tonight I hope) and it's just fantastic. So I was thinking, why Pixie Epoxy? Here's what I've come up with...

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away known as Washington, there lived a King of the Pixies. But he was lonely. He had no wife and no heir. He was plagued daily by his worries. Would he live out his life without knowing love? Who would rule when he departed this world? One day he decided to clear his mind with a journey through the lush forests. As he flew along enjoying the scenery, a pint-sized wood nymph caught his eye. They gazed at eachother. It was love at first sight. The king announced their marriage soon after, and nuptial celebrations were planned. But soon another problem arose. While he could bestow upon his lovely bride the gift of Pixie Dust, it only lasted a few hours and the home of the Pixies lay in the ever-present clouds above Washington. Stricken by fear that one day he would not re-Dust her in time and she would fall from the sky, he went to his friends, the legendary magicians of Fyrinnae, for help. The wizards worked day and night concocting a magical glue that would enable the new queen to rule safely in her new realm without eventually succumbing to the dangers of gravity. This glue would keep the Pixie Dust from slowly wearing off.
Overjoyed with the wizards' creation, the king flew back to his bride and presented her with the gift. They were able to live and rule together among the clouds. Eventually they bore a son (a Nixie?) to continue their line, and they all lived happily ever after.
The End.
Thus, Pixie Epoxy came into being! Hope you enjoyed! Tell me what you think? XD

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