Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Physician's Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum

Man, that's a mouthfull. But if it works it'll be worth it! As to what it does... I think the super long title kind of explains that, but if you want more info just click here.
I've only tried the pen twice so far. And I got carried away with the swatching of it because it's just so fun to draw with. It's very precise and it's a legit brush tip, not felt. Everything about it is very sleek. It makes me think of those Japanese calligraphy pens, and I've always been jealous of artists so I felt very pro handling this liner pen and did a little doodle myself: It's a murloc! Hehe.
Now I've heard some funny rumors that this eyeliner/lash lengthening duo keeps people up at night. To me that just sounds weird to the extreme. That's like saying your favorite lipstick is such a gorgeous shade but it makes you hear white noise. I just don't buy that. So I put this to the test (god forbid I should ever sleep in my makeup!) and applied some after washing my face last night. Are you ready for the truth!? Honestly, I slept like a baby. Myth BUSTED! I think a more likely explanation would be that this liner is so sleek looking it could honestly belong in a spaceship and maybe some aliens are jealous and want it for themselves, so they deprive the original owners of sleep in hopes that the liner will get thrown out and they'll be able to take it for themselves! Well it could happen right? I never claimed it was reasonable :)
On to the actual FACT that it is sleek:
Here's the liner pen, all shiny and aerodynamic for alien space travel:
The nice, accurate brush tip (the bristles don't come apart during application either, they stay streamline which I think is a pretty great thing):
And some various lines I drew:
I guess it looks a little sheer here, but let me assure you, I have been using loose shadows with water to line my eyes for a while now and this pen definitely creates a darker, more controlled line. Also, this product is advertised to be waterproof and smudgeproof. And they mean it! I had to get my doodles off with soap and a loofah. Miraculously though, it wasn't so hard to get off my eyes... and I guess it's usually easier to remove if you apply primer and shadow first (it's worth mentioning I didn't try legit makeup remover with this). But this stuff stays and stays!
Pretty fab huh? I'll review a bit more when 2 or so weeks pass to share how well the lash boosting works.
Tell me what you think! Have you tried this liner pen? Did it work for you, or did the aliens take it?
Nighty night folks! Mrgl?