Sunday, February 27, 2011

GotW - 450 Enchanting

Here is Sunday's Geek of the Week look, "450 Enchanting"! You'll probably notice it's made up of colors similar to the Baby Vampragon look... this won't be the case for most of the GotWs though, don't worry.
In WoW, the enchants that are put on weapons usually make them glow, glimmer, or something similar. Also, you can disenchant, and recieve many pastel-colored dusts. Here's kind of a tribute to both those, with the dusts as the shadows and the enchants as the liner...
A picture of enchanted weapons in the Dalaran shop:

Stuff being enchanted:

I used:
1. Sugar - Hi Fi Cosmetics
2. Futuristic Glamrock - Fyrinnae
3. a. Spun Sugar - Archetype
3. b. Pixie Poop - Archetype
4. Physicican's Formula 2-in-1 liner Ultra Black under Real Wild Child - Hi Fi Cosmetics
5. Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll - Hi Fi Cosmetics
6. Futuristic Glamrock - Fyrinnae
7. Golden Fair matte base - Everyday Minerals

I wish I'd managed to capture the glitter better....

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