Saturday, March 5, 2011

How I Store My Makeup

I think this was a long time in coming. No, I'm not sure where this nifty box came from (but if you know, tell me cause I totally want to buy another!) but it's super convenient and I love it. The jars are mostly Fyrinnae, except for those 9 on the left, which are Pure Luxe. I love how easy it is to store my sample baggies in here. And the clamshells are a pain and I don't really like them, but they fit too!
I'm just going straight to the pictures here, because there's really not a lot I can say. This was originally some kind of sewing box I think. But I plan on going hunting at Hobby Lobby or Michael's for another similar thing, since I've got several other jars coming and don't really have a nice home like this to put them in. I just love how 9 fit in each of the large compartments (and they're not hard to take out) all snug and serendipitously. Yay :)
Comments? Questions? Thanks for reading!

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  1. That is pretty nifty! I store mine in shelves... I get them from walmart. I love all those colors!