Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The yummy stuff that's good for you! Glowing skin and rambles.

Hello all! In my last post, I talked about an oil-based face mask I'd made. After using it, I noticed a drastic increase in the softness of my skin (and not because I don't usually exfoliate. I do!) and a lot of the redness on my skin was reduced to a barely-noticeable level. I'd had a bad breakout recently and my trusty face wash did nothing to help it. In fact, it turns out it only irritated my skin more.
I've been using the same type of face wash for about five years now and it's never failed me. So, as you can imagine, I was pretty surprised. But at a helpful tip, I reluctantly used a regular bar of soap to wash my face with. In about a week, the old blemishes were retreating and nothing new had sprung up. This doesn't have so much to do with my aforementioned face mask, but I feel like it's worth talking about because I've tried scrubs and frothy washes and I always use moisturizer, but somehow it wasn't helping much. So here's what I discovered:
I've been stripping too many of the natural oils from my skin. In reaction to seeing a spot I'd often wash more attentively and obsessively. Which, of course, only made matters worse. So, after several weeks now of using bar soap and nothing else to wash my face off, I can happily say taking the more laid-back approach is working! I'm so pleased... and I have the prospect of not having to spend a pile of money every few months on  another tube of face wash!
So that's taken care of my breakout, but I've always had fairly dull skin. Being quite pale anyway, my skin just seems to take on this ashen look when I'm tired or stressed, and the rest of the time I'd say it's pleasantly matte, at it's most remarkable. The use of my newly invented face mask has really helped my skin become clearer and softer, but I can't say I noticed much in the way of a new dewy glow.
But a few days ago I began using honey on my face for a minute or so before washing. Now just so you know I'm not just leaping off into the deep end, I actually used to use honey on my nose and lips because it seemed to help with these wonky mini-spots I used to get. Still don't know what they were, but they'd stay for weeks when I didn't use honey and aloe. So anyway, after this recent honeying I rolled out of bed this morning and I look dewy! Sure, it's probably a minor-dew in comparison to some, but for me it's pretty exceptional and even though my hair's like a haystack in the mornings, my skin really stood out. For only a few days of honeying I'd say that's pretty good news to me! So I figured I'd share the discovery. Has anyone else tried this? Or used honey or another raw natural ingredient in their skincare regime? Til next time!

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