Friday, April 1, 2011

Autumn EOTD and Evil Shades Lipstick Raving

For me, this Spring has been somewhat miserable (excluding pretty makeup and my lovely readers of course!) Lots of illness, lots of disgusting soggy weather. My conclusion? I want autumn back! So here is my Autumn-themed EOTD. I may do the other seasons, I may not. Haven't decided yet.
Here's what I used:
1. Rapunzel Had Extensions - Fyrinnae
2. Fire Opal - Fyrinnae
3. Polar Bear - Fyrinnae
4. Physician's Formula 2-in-1 Ultra Black liner
5. Fire Opal - Fyrinnae
6 a. Painted Roses - Fyrinnae
6 b. Fire Opal - Fyrinnae
7. Golden Fair matte base - Everyday Minerals
Mascara: Sephora Lash Plumper in Black
And here's how it looked:

And to show off the shimmer:

I was really happy with the way this turned out and remembered I had a sample of Evil Shades lipstick in Ardour in my makeup stash. I'd dared to wear it out once before, a long time ago. And I wasn't very careful about applying it I guess because it feathered and stained a kind of orangey hot pink under whatever lip gloss I used. I felt a little like a clown. So this time I made sure to be precise in my application and I didn't use a gloss. It's very moisturizing on its own! And OH MY GOD it's sooooo pretty!
Hours later, it still hadn't come off and hadn't feathered or anything. In fact, it wore like a charm. I'm so happy with it that I ran back to Andrea's Evil Shades store and bought a full size! And then I returned to my stash and played around with other samples I'd recieved. In short, I now have Ardour and Primrose Path on order, as well as two of the super-intense looking Hardcore glosses in Not Your Barbie and Roué. I'm really excited! I usually stick to a normal-looking gloss on a daily basis because all of my lipsticks are a bit too... zealous for work. But it looks like Primrose Path is going to turn into a staple for me. I'm really liking the color.
So here are (dun dun dun!) lip swatches of Ardour. Obviously this is the first time I've ever provided a lip swatch for anything. And I'm not used to it yet. So be nice!
Thanks for reading! Please leave comments! Have a happy Friday :)


  1. I love the eyes! I love golds. The lip color rocks, I wish I could do lip swatches, but my lips aren't that pretty!

    You're Tagged :)

  2. DANG GURL! Your lips are gorgeous!!! What an amazing lip swatch!!

  3. Thank you both so much! :D
    Samantha, you could totally do lip swatches, and I have a new gold for you to try!
    Tomi, I tagged you!